Palace of crown prince 'József' Palace of crown prince 'József'

Palace of crown prince 'József'

Palace of crown prince 'József' or as it was called earlier: 'Telki Palace' was build between 1787–89. Originally it stood in the Palace Quater, in the west side of St. George's square in the opposite side ű of the former prime minister's office building ('Sandor Palace'). Finished in classicist style in 1789 - as 'Telki Palace' - it changed owner to crown prince József Károly Lajos Habsburg, who rebuilt it using mainly historicizing style element. Later his son, József Ágost Habsburg inherited the building. The palace was heavily damaged in the 1944-45 Siege of Budapest, and was later demolished by the communist goverment with the reason that the palace reminds people to the former kingdom. In 1980 a 'ruin garder' was created in its place.

Palace of crown prince 'József' should not be mistaken with the 'Habsburg Palace' which also can be found in the Palace Quater, but it can be found under the address of Dísz Square 4-5.

  • City:

  • Budapest I. district

  • Address:

  • Szent György Square 4. / Lovarda Street 1.

  • Built in:

  • 1789

  • Reconstructed:

  • 1902

  • Demolished:

  • 1968

  • Demolition reason:

  • ideological reasons

  • Style:

  • Since 1789 classzicist, after 1902 historicizing